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Grammar one particular

…everything which has happened to us in the daytime.


Has took place is for those actions which in turn started in yesteryear, but have an association with the present. Has took place is a great intransitive action-word as there is absolutely no action mounted on the verb. This is the present perfect tight it is accustomed to describe actions or incidents that are complete, but have an association with the present. (Swan, Meters. 2004: 438) CCQs:

Are the occasions finished? Certainly.

Is the working day in the past? Number

How could all of us be feeling now? We could be tired and tired now. Contact form:

Auxiliary verb + earlier participle of intransitive action-word

has occurred

Has is a 3rd person singular present indicative of have.

Happened may be the past participle of happen.


Sentence in your essay stress is placed on occurred and the initial syllable in happened is stressed. 1 ) Problem: Pupils may mispronounce happened together with the /id/ or perhaps /t/ sound instead of the /d/ sound. A common mistake with past anxious forms of standard verbs. Option: Show the phonetic spelling of happened and explain we the use /id/ sound if the infinitive ends in /t/ or perhaps /d/. We all use the /t/ sound when the infinitive ends in /p/, /k/, /Оё/, /f/, /s/, /Ж’/, /tЖ’/ (Parrot, M. 2005: 405).

2 . Difficulty: Students may use the verb have instead of its third person novel present tense has. Solution: Explain that contain is used inside the first person but also in this case even as are using the 3rd person offers is used. 6. If experts invented a pill which usually, if you took it, might keep you conscious for ever, would you take this?


(Parrot, M. 2004: 405).

(Swan, Meters. 2004: 438).

Grammar two

…but sooner or later we have to sleep.


In this word have to sleeping is used to convey the idea that we could obliged to rest even if we don't would like to do so. (Swan, M. 2005: 438) CCQs:

Can it be something we need to do? Certainly.

Can we prevent it? Number

Use of illustrations:

We must follow the substantial way code.

Pubs have to carry a license to market alcohol.


Have to is actually a nonmodal replacement for the modal verb need to regarding accountability. It is interchangeable with have got to, this previous form becoming more common in spoken and informal English English. http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/137970/modal-vs-non-modal-vs-auxiliary-modal-vs-conjugated-verb The framework of the need to form is usually Subject+ Have+ Infinitive (with to). The negative kind expresses an absence of obligation.


Make sure that both words will be pronounced with each other as they are linked as one word. Anticipated problems and solutions

1 . Issue:

Pupils don't use the auxiliary action-word when building the unfavorable and interrogative form: Have not we have to sleep? We haven’t been to sleeping. Solution: Initial, elicit illustrations from pupils and review the correct contact form vs the wrong one for the board. Later, during static correction provide an incorrect example and ask students to take care of. 2 . Problem:

Need to are two separate phrase but in this case they must become pronounced as you word.

Remedy: Use fingertips to make as one word.

Lexis 1

We could put off sleeping for a limited period.


To decide to delay a thing to a after time that is constrained.


Is this a thing that we want to do now? No

Will the sleeping be delayed to another time? Yes

Do we delay sleeping forever? Number

Other examples:

A manager may put off a meeting into a later amount of time in the day.


Put off (verb+ adverb) is known as a transitive phrasal verb.

Postpone is normally accompanied by an object. Inside the example over a object is definitely sleeping (verb+ing form, performing as a noun) Put off is usually separable, my spouse and i. e. you can separate the verb portion from...

References: (Parrot, Meters. 2004: 405).

(Swan, M. 2004: 438).


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