~The brand of my personal book is All Quiet on The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. This book was published about January twenty nine, 1929 ~This is a fictional story but it is based on genuine events.

This kind of novel is usually narrated simply by young Paul Baumer who is a young A language like german soldier that is fighting in World War I. The beginning of the book the boys are inside the battlefront preventing. When carried out they come to camp and find that 85 of their hundred or so and 60 men were killed. Paul and his close friends go to visit a friend that was hurt during their time at the front. His friend can be dying and Paul needs to watch him die. Then he goes back residence on leave, while there this individual has to break the news to his close friends mom that her child has passed away. After his leave he goes back to camp in which he will stay shortly before he will have to leave and go back to the front. While at the the front they are bombarded with enemy covers and meals supplies run scarce. Because the struggle runs in more and more men are receiving injured and dye. While resources become scarcer and scarcer, group morale starts to lower. They are really attacked. Men are about to die from soaring bullets from the enemy's. Paul sees most of his good friends being shot and wiped out. He is lying in a trench when he perceives one of his friends Kat get shot, so he grabs him and starts to haul him back to camp. He holds him for miles learn out that what this individual thought his friend got shot inside the leg, truly got taken in the head and was dead the entire time. Paul is the only survivor of his band of friends. Then, on a reportedly quiet working day in March 1918, Paul dies. " His face has an manifestation of peaceful, as though practically glad the final had come".

Paul is the main character in the book. He is the leading part of the publication. Paul is not the normal war main character type main character in a book, he can just a frequent man using a family carrying out his job. Paul looks forward to writing catalogs, during this book he is producing a book called Saul. One personality I would review Paul to, to a persona in To Kill a...



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