From this file ACC 300 Week 5 Person Assignment -- Chapter Six you will find summary of the following parts:

1 ) Assignments through the Readings. Put together responses for the following assignments from the e-text, Fundamentals of economic Accounting 1st ed., by simply Phillips, Libby, and Libby

a. Chapter 6th: Questions two and three or more

2 . Sum it up the primary purposes of an internal control program.

a few. What are three internal control objectives pertaining to financial confirming?

Organization - Accounting

QRB 501 Week 2 Learning Team Circumstance Studies - " Case 5 -- 2 an incident 6 -2"

Week 2 Learning Team Case Studies

Complete В the following case studies by Ch. your five 6 ofВ Business Math: В

Example 5-2, pp. 184-185

Case Study 6-2, pp. 216-217

UseВ the provided Ms Excel design for your answers. В

Note. Show all job and measurements. (The usage of MicrosoftВ ExcelВ software is essential. )

1 . Ziam wants to understand how much his royalty will probably be for a music he features written. How will it end up being calculated? Write the steps or the formulas that will be used to compute his royalty payment. В

2 . Ziam has created a popular track titled " Going Presently there, ” which has been recorded with a well-known artist.  This individual recently received a royals check for $7, 000. In the event Ziam gets a 0. 5 reveal of the royalties and the credit rating value can be $3. 55, what was the credit total that his song earned? Write out the condition in the form of an equation and solve this.

3. Ziam quickly published another tune, " Take Me Right now there, ” that may be played even more often than " Going There. ”  If his first song makes 4, 1000 credits fantastic second tune earns 6, 000 credit, what will the royalty repayment be from the two tunes if the credit value continues to be at $3. 50?

4. Ziam is taking into consideration an offer to do his own song...

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