AMA Pc College

Pampanga Campus

Brand of Proponents: Mark Raymond A. Diwa

Mark Deb. Valencia

Marivin Lloyd E. Copino

Title of Proposal: A Proposed Loan Monitoring Program Composite Wing Saving Loan Association Inc. with Internet based Customer accounts and Ledger

Area of Analysis

Brief Good Composite Side Saving Mortgage Association Incorporation

The Manila Teachers' Personal savings and Mortgage Association, Inc. (MTSLAI or Manila Teachers) is happy to be the initial pioneer of the savings and loan program in the country. Its roots happen to be traced to a simple " paluwagan” with a group of general public school teachers in whose forced cost savings provided financial support and self-reliance one of them. In the late 50's, Mr. Prudencio S. Lacson first organized and led the group at Rizal Avenue High School. Upon his retirement, Mister. Lacson launched into a more ambitious organization which will led to the founding of the Manila Teachers' Savings and Loan Connection, Inc. on May 20, 60. As both Manager and Treasurer, Mr. Lacson nurtured Manila Teachers with selfless dedication, personal sacrifice and strong determination to support. His devotion drove the effort ethic of the founder till his loss of life in 1974. Cipriano M. Lacson, one of many founder's kids, then overtook the reins and became the General Manager in 1974. Below his hostile and active leadership, Manila Teachers' Financial savings and Mortgage Association, Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds to be the ground breaking and secure Association it is today. Manila Teachers have been consistently honored the highest buy during the Total annual Philippine Cost savings and Bank loan Conventions. In the past, MTSLAI engaged mostly in consumption, gardening and a limited number of the housing loans. Today, whilst it continues to provide easy access for the same financial loans, Manila Professors has also established its scenery on modest housing assignments for its users. Today, Manila Teachers Personal savings and Mortgage Association, Incorporation. faces the near future with confidence delivered not only from the achievements nevertheless also from its struggles.

Feature of the Recommended System

5. System is password controlled

5. Automatic computation of interest and deduction per loan type according to terms work with. * Create payment schedule upon admittance of Loan.

* Automated Computation of Pre-Payment

* Automatic Calculation of Bank loan Restructure

5. Automatic account entry pertaining to Loan, Examine, Disbursement

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Pampanga Grounds

Name of Proponents: Draw Raymond A. Diwa

Tag D. Valencia

Marivin Lloyd E. Copino

Title of Proposal: A Proposed School management System and With Web-Based Info System of Sta. Cruz Schools

Area of Investigation

Simple History of Sta. Cruz Schools

The STA. CRUZ ACADEMY had a very humble beginning. With all the displaced staff and students from the (defunct SCCI) Sta. Cruz, Central Institute, the enrollment in the first academics year was literally placed under the forest.

The past due Dr . Conrado P. Jimenez Jr., the incumbent Municipal Mayor and a successful alumnus of SCCI, took every one of the possible actions to settle amicably the dispute between the managers and the employees and that to hold the school operational. Unfortunately his effort was at vain for the reason that school owner informed people that SCCI is totally sealed from the university year 1989 and onwards due to personal bankruptcy.

In response for the insistent requirements and request of fogeys and pupils, in May 1989, the overdue Dr . Conrado P. Jimenez Jr., deeply concern with the plight, immediately constructed temporary sessions within his residential area to house the out of place SCCI population. Inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, there was a strong calling for the late Doctor Conrado L. Jimenez Jr., - A SERVICE TO EDUCATION for the youth of Sta. Johnson, Lubao and nearby barangays, thus the closure of SCCI is a opening in the Sta. Cruceta Academy. The founder tightly believed the fact that best surprise we can offer to our kids is EDUCATION.

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