As Wikipedia has become increasingly more popular with learners, some teachers have become significantly concerned about the online, reader-produced encyclopedia. While a good amount of professors have complained regarding the lack of accuracy and reliability or completeness of records, and some have got discouraged or tried to bar students by using it. " As teachers, we are in the industry of lowering the spread of misinformation, ” stated Don Wyatt, chair with the department. " Even though Wikipedia may have some value, particularly from the worth of leading students to citable resources, it is not by itself an appropriate supply for quotation, ” this individual said. The department made what Wyatt termed a consensus decision on the issue after talking about problems professors were seeing as students reported incorrect details from Wikipedia in papers and on checks. In one instance, Wyatt said, a teacher noticed a lot of students supplying the same incorrect information, coming from Wikipedia. There was clearly some conversation in the section of aiming to ban students from using Wikipedia, but Wyatt said that didn't seem suitable. Many Wikipedia entries have got good bibliographies, Wyatt explained. And any absolute bar would you should be ignored. " There's the issue of freedom of access, ” he explained. " And I'm not in the business of promulgating unenforceable edicts. ” Wyatt declared that the department did not stipulate punishments for citing Wikipedia, and that the main purpose of the policy was to educate, to not be punitive. He explained he doubted that a newspaper would be rejected for having just one Wikipedia footnote, but that students would be told that they shouldn't accomplish that, and that multiple violations will result in decreased grades or perhaps a failure. " The important stage that we would like to communicate to any or all students choosing courses and submitting operate our division in the future is they cite Wikipedia at all their peril, ” he stated. He burdened that the doubt of the department to Wikipedia wasn't the online...


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