Devin Westfall

Professor Philip Faziani

English 151

August 15, 2012

Hemingway's Nick Adams " Three Shots” and " Indian Camp” In Hemingway's Chip Adams " Three Shots” and " Indian Camp” Nick goes through some within his your life. He will go from getting scared that someday he or she must die to feeling quite sure that he will probably never die. In the brief story " Three Shots” Nick, his father, wonderful uncle happen to be camping and Nick recalls with disgrace how he previously gotten afraid thinking about how he would pass away one day if he was alone. His daddy and dad go doing some fishing after supper leaving Nick all alone on the camp site. He tried to lay even now and go to sleep but he couldn't all he may think about is that someday he or she must die that started to produce him truly feel quite ill. " Ahead of they pushed the boat out his father told him that in the event any urgent came up while they were gone having been to fire 3 shots with the rifle plus they would arrive right back. ” Nick ended up being calling his father and uncle by firing 3 shots in the air with the rifle his father had left him, this experienced made his uncle annoyed by thinking that Chip was a coward; his daddy on the other hand more understands in that case his uncle. When his father and uncle return his dad ask him " the fact that was it Nickie? ” He lies and tells his father that he had read an animal away from tent having been too embarrassed to tell his father the fact. In the brief story " Indian Camp” Nick accompanies his father, who is your doctor, and his granddad to an Of india camp, to help a young Of india women she had been trying to give delivery to her kid for two days due to complications. Nicks dad ends up having to perform a caesarian to recover the women's kid. " Oh, daddy, aren't you give her something for making her end screaming? Asked nick” Nick becomes scared by the women's screams and does not want to observe his dad perform the surgery within the Indian women. Nicks father had been informed that the infant's father had...


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