To get the ball rolling, Let me say that there could be no regular life without communication. People use it to socialize, connect to others, exchange thoughts, thoughts, that is to say, to deliver and receive information. Modern day means of interaction considerably written for the way we all communicate. Talking about modern method of communication I would personally mention two things – the net and cellular phones. Firstly, with the help of mobile phones we can stay in touch and they are reachable just about everywhere. Just try to imagine how people was able to communicate without one, say, a century ago. Hard to imagine, just isn't it? As much as I know, cellphone is very convenient device since it allows us instantly gain access to people you need. Furthermore, they will provide a connection to the internet and the chance of texting. Yet telephones shall no longer be the only way to communicate orally. They are becoming replaced by other software applications like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and others as they provide cheaper communication. It is worth mentioning that the procedure of these companies is given by the Internet. Even though, most cell phones are used for mailing short texts to close friends and nachrichten are often just a few lines and use close form of dialect. We are not able to express each of our deeper perceptions and thoughts in this way. Second of all, the Internet, that is certainly an infinite source of almost any information and entertainment for folks of different interests and tastes. Besides interaction is delivers of course. It gives full range of communication like voice/video calls, instant messaging, video conferences and so forth Nowadays you are able to feel that the world is at your fingertips because of the Internet. But the Internet may become dangerous in the event that used wrongly, so try to use it smartly and you'll gain. Having regarded everything aforementioned, one can get to the conclusion, the more elaborate our way of communication the less we communicate. That is certainly...


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