installment payments on your 5 Foodstuff Safety Work File

Directions: Complete the food safety online quiz. Utilize the information through the interactive quiz to complete the following replies regarding foodstuff safety methods.

For each in the following meals safety procedures, share at least a couple of statements through the interactive to discover. Be sure to set these statements in your words and explain so why they are helpful in preventing food borne disease. An example will be: When dining from a buffet, be sure hot meals is popular and cool food is definitely cold. Meals that is forty – 150 degrees F has already begun to expand bacteria and pathogens.

Clean (16 points):

1 . Make sure to never use the same cooking utensils pertaining to food that may be cooked and food that is raw.

installment payments on your Wash the hands before and after dealing with different foodstuff such as if you are preparing meat

Separate (16 points):

1 ) Separate beef that is raw and beef that is grilled.

2 . Maintain meats and vegetables segregated.

Cook (16 points):

1 . Dont just assess food by how i think, instead use a thermometer to ensure that the food is definitely cooked entirely

2 . Continue to keep food at their needed temperature so that it doesn't grow any unwanted organisms.

Chill (16 points):

1 ) Keep an ice load up next to refrigerated food when you pack lunch.

2 . Have the refrigerator at 40в—¦F or listed below and the Refrigerator at 0в—¦F

In your own kitchen, explain 2 food protection practices you really feel your family can improve and 2 meals safety techniques you feel your family does very well. (16 points) In my house we always chill food left over and independent raw food from prepared food. A number of the things we are able to improve in orther to acquire healthier and safer cooking food practices contain washing our hands more frequently and by using a food thermometer rather these people just using the eyes to inspect how cooked it is.

In what ways perform your university and community practice or promote food safety to contribute to your own health? (20 points)

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