1984 Literary Criticism Paper

An archetype can be described as reoccurring pattern of images, symbols, or possibly a situation. The hero archetype is one who tries to match a necessary activity and attempts to restore justice to a world. The main character will typically go through the hero's journey in search for real truth and information about restoring rights to a society. All archetypal heroes talk about certain features. In 1984, by George Orwell, Winston follows the hero's pattern because there is practically nothing told of his childhood, he looses favor with the Party, and Winston is not left after all. Through the book " We are advised nothing of his childhood” (Garry 11) besides the few memories or dreams he shares with Julia or himself. After waking up crying one morning hours, Winston shares a recollection of his childhood to Julia; he recalls the time him great sister and mother spent most of their very own days in underground pet shelters, hiding via air raids. Many times, Winston and his family members went with no food. Coming from starving 1 day, Winston stole chocolate by his mom and sibling and ran away, under no circumstances seeing them again. Winston constantly dreams about his mother which is convinced he murdered her because he took her delicious chocolate and remaining her presently there to starve. However , his subconscious can be his simply road towards the truth. Even though the reader has small memories on his childhood " absolutely nothing remained of his childhood except a number of bright-lit tableaux occurring against no background mostly unintelligible” (Orwell, 3). Implying, you is not really informed anything of his childhood besides the unconscious memories and few unclear images

In 1984, the God is represented through Big Brother. This is correct because Big Brother is regarded as the ruler of Oceania and he is a very high figure to the people. Big Brother's deal with is constantly staying broadcasted and he is possibly stamped on the coins. Thus, Winston " Later seems to lose favor together with the gods and/or his subjects” (11) by simply wanting to do many edgy acts and hateful thoughts....


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